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Young adults ages 18-college graduates overwhelmingly voted for Obama in his first election, and helped him to win a second term.  But the question is why they helped re-elect him when his policies have not helped them out.

The average unemployed for young adults is 13.6%, or 1 in 5 is unemployed.  This is the worst it has been for young people in a long time.

One of the reasons for this is a bad economy.  There are fewer and fewer jobs that are available.  Also, with the recent implementations of Obama care, jobs are now making everyone be part time so they don’t need to provide health insurance.  This is a problem for our age group because we need to be able to work over the summer to save up for school in the fall.

Another issue is that we are drowning in debt, whether from student loans or credit card debt.  And when we can find jobs we are earning a lot less than a few years ago.  In 2006 the median earnings was $22,312 where in 2011 it was $19,000

This is a major issue for Americans to face.  Our taxes are going up, food at the stores is more expensive, gas prices are worse and unemployment is up.  About 5.5 million Americans are out of unemployed or underemployed.  Yet we keep voting for more of the same policies and regulations.

This video explains a little more.

I believe that should scare our age group, and should make us want the government out of our pockets as well as our health care and our lives!

If this worries you for our future, get out there and contact your legislators.  Voice your opinion and let them know we are here and we are not going away!



{April 1, 2013}   Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration, or as it’s also known as undocumented workers, is a big issue in the united states right now.  Marco Rubio and other senators have been working on a bill to deal with this issue but according to him, there are still far away from a finished product.

There are many arguments about what we should do, for example liberals are for an open boarder policy.  That means that there would be no wait in line for a green card, just waltz in.  Conservatives want to keep America a sovereign nation, which means retaining exclusive rights to government and control by Americans.

Here are some pros and cons:

America has nearly 20 million illegal immigrants in our country.  This is an estimate because as soon as immigrants either get a green card they can petition the American government to bring their families over which raises the number of illegal immigrants.

There are millions of people waiting 10-12 years to get a visa to come to the U.S. and then there are those who just hop the boarders and come here.  If they are willing to break that law, what other laws are they willing to break? The people waiting patiently in line are the ones who America wants, because they for sure follow the rules.

Proponents for amnesty say that undocumented workers are working jobs that Americans, don’t or won’t work.  These jobs are landscaping, fast food etc.  But there are Americans putting in applications all over because they are out of work, and for sure they put their application into places like McDonald’s to just have a job.  Also, these are the jobs that young people work.  Young adults still in high school or college work their first job cutting lawns or taking orders, these jobs are now unavailable to them because they are taken by an illegal worker.

Illegals have come to our country and have cost each state a lot of money in hospital bills.  Hospitals are told by the government that they are not allowed to turn anyone away for being unable to pay or their citizen status.  So when illegals go to the hospital, their bill gets passed onto those who have insurance or to taxes to pick up the tab.  That makes Americans insurance bills go up when they are already astronomical.

Finally, illegal workers are given eligibility to almost every federal program like social security, welfare.  This is paid for by taxes that undocumented workers don’t pay.  And we wonder why we have such issues with our budget and overspending.

Conservatives believe in deportation of illegals, an issue of that is it is very expensive.  But a thought is if we make it impossible for them to stay here by taking away their ability to get jobs or housing they will choose to go home.  This would free up a lot of jobs, for our generation to hold while in college as well as reduce the deficit that we will eventually have to pay.  So now the plan is that we have to contact our legislators and voice our opinion! Get active!


{March 27, 2013}   Tuesday, April 2nd Election

Just when it feels like we have a break from elections here in Wisconsin, here they come again. As eligible voters in America, it is our responsibility to make sure we know the when, where, and who of elections.  We should remember that Americans all across this country and history have died to secure our right to vote and to honor them we should.

But it wouldn’t honor their memory to go to the polls unprepared, so let’s look at the upcoming race and who we, as conservatives, want to vote for.

Basically there are two state wide races, one for state supreme court and the other for state superintendent for public instruction.  These races will be on every ballot in every district and then also your specific district may have more elections.  You can find your sample ballot by going online to

For Supreme Court, the candidates are Pat Roggensack and Ed Fallone.  Conservatives want to vote for Pat Roggensack for a few reasons.  She has 17 years of experience as a judge.  In the Supreme Court they usually review cases referred to them by the court of appeals, which she also served on for 7 years.  She therefore has unique knowledge of the inner workings of that court and is more experienced in handling these cases.  Many sheriffs throughout the state as well as district attorneys, and city leaders, (both republican and democrat) endorse her re-election due to her record.  But why does this disqualify her opponent?

Ed Fallone has no experience as a judge.  Mr. Fallone has been a teacher of law, as well as a lawyer but not a judge.  To be elected to our state’s highest court, shouldn’t we have someone with a bit of experience as a judge? Also, Fallone signed the Walker recall petition, while his wife appeared in an advertisement for Walker’s opponent.  Now, Mr. Fallone certainly has the right to free speech just like every other American, but this proves he has a bias against Gov. Walker.  Therefore, he is ineligible to vote on any case involving the Governor because he is biased.  This does not make for a good fit to the Supreme Court because they are likely to hear cases endorsed by or written by Scott Walker.

 The next race on the state wide ballot is for superintendent for public instruction.  The two candidates in this race are Tony Evers and Don Pridemore.

 Pridemore has served on the state assembly since 2004.  While serving on this board he was on the education committee.  In this campaign, it has been largely about supporting or renouncing Act 10.  (Act 10 was a part of Scott Walkers Budget proposal.)  Pridemore endorsed the budget and as conservatives, we need a man who will vote for the financial good of the public without harming schools.  Our schools seem to be failing, especially our inner city schools.  Due to this fact Pridmore believes it is now time for a change, fresh ideas.

Evers has been on the state superintendent since 2009.  He had also signed the Walker Recall, but claims that he had Walker have gotten passed that fact and in fact can work together on improving schools.  This may be true, but that kind of bias does not just go away.  How well can Evers work with the governor with that hanging over their heads?

 Although, I have given an overview of the races, it is still important to learn more about the other races in your district and be prepared at the voting booth.  I know it feels like Wisconsin has been in constant campaign mode, and we kind of have been, but these races are important for the future of our state.  Get out and vote!


{March 13, 2013}   The Sequester

Sequestration is a fancy word for forced spending cuts.  The Government proposed these cuts as part of the Budget Control Act of 2011. If we remember back that far, that was when our government was working on the debt ceiling compromise and created the super committee.  This committee was put in charge of finding 1.5 trillion in spending cuts over 10 years.  If that would have been done we would not be facing these cuts.

What brought about the need to have these cuts? 

As conservatives, we believe in a smaller, more condensed government.  We believe it is the community that should band together to help out the community, and that the government is not the answer to everything.  Democrats, for the most part, believe in a large government that is the answer to most problems.

These views have very different ideas of how to run government.  The conservatives want to cut government spending in all areas, and cut taxes.  Democrats want to increase taxes on everyone, especially the top earners, in order to fund a larger government.

Compromising does not come easy when both sides have so much at stake, so one thing leads to another and here we are with the sequester.

Now what?

The graph below shows the sequester cuts that will be occurring this year.  As we can see, most of the cuts are to defense.  Below the graph are the actual dollar amounts for each category.


$42.7 billion in defense cuts (a 7.9 percent cut).

$28.7 billion in domestic discretionary cuts (a 5.3 percent cut).

$9.9 billion in Medicare cuts (a 2 percent cut).

$4 billion in other mandatory cuts (a 5.8 percent cut to nondefense programs, and a 7.8 percent cut to mandatory defense programs).

But some say this is not enough.  Rand Paul (KY) says that these cuts are not even cuts; they are spending reductions in the coming years.

There are people in the media and in government that want us to believe that cutting spending will create chaos everywhere.  Conservatives think we need to do more cutting of spending and we can start by going through every Government program to eliminate the wasteful and redundant programs.   Paul Ryan had came out with a plan for reducing the deficit back in 2011 because he saw that our generation would be footing the bill for their generation’s entitlements.  Although that was a few years ago, it seems to be something to re-examine as we are now facing the debt crisis again. (A link to the comparison of Obama’s plan and Ryan’s plan can be found in the links tab.)

What happens if spending is not reduced?

Our entire U.S. debt is $16,687,088,900,988 and growing by the second.  This means if each citizen were to pay an equal share of the debt we each would owe $52,894.  Every citizen though, doesn’t pay taxes. Of  just the taxpayers, each person would owe $147,408.  That is a lot of money.  Our taxes are meant to be used to better our communities and pay for public employees, but if the debt is not brought under control, our taxes will mostly go to pay the debt.

Every citizen should be concerned for the future, but especially our generation as we graduate college and head off on our own.  We need to keep in mind that if we don’t speak up and let our legislators know that we want this spending spree to stop, and our deficit resolved, who will?


The debate over gun control has been the focus of many news stories following the tragic shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary school.  It’s a highly controversial and polarizing topic, but I believe it is an important one to discus.  As young adults being able to make our own decisions, we should be informed.

Gun control is a broad topic, so I will be examining one aspect of it in this post.  In current news we have heard from many advocates from both sides of the debate, but maybe most notably from the department of homeland security, and the Vice President Joe Biden

January 31, 2013 the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) came out with a “survival guide” for times of crisis.  This guide features videos and pamphlets, even quizzes to help teach people on what to do in these situations.  It says things like try to hide, don’t make noise, make noise to try to distract the attacker, when all else fails, use a makeshift weapon; throw scissors, books etc. to try to hurt them.

Hmmm, I don’t know about anyone else, but I think that I would like to have my own weapon in order to defend myself.  It’s strange how we only hear about the murders that occurred with a gun and not prevented by guns.  Our society has grown accustomed to accusing guns of being bad or killing people when it is not the weapon that kills, it’s the person behind the weapon that ultimately kills.

The University of Colorado and the DHS have, in light of a new ban on guns on public universities, come out with steps for women to defend off an attacker.  In their report they suggest women getting to what they refer to as a call box.  These boxes are stationed all over campus and will connect them with help.  If getting to these boxes is not an option, the female should pee her pants to cause the attacker to be repulsed and leave.  If that doesn’t work, she should vomit on herself.

This poses a question.  Why should the victim be made to feel worse in this situation? Why should the victim worry about how her attacker views her?  Women are naturally weaker than men.  It’s how our bodies were created but that doesn’t mean we need to be made the victim with no defense.  Having a fire arm pointed at an attacker will cause him to run or at least protect the victim.

This leads me to Joe Biden.  He went on an online forum to talk about guns.  During this time he told women to buy a shotgun not an ar-15.


I would just like to point out that if you take a double barrel shot gun and fire two rounds into the air, you just used your two rounds and now need to reload giving your attacker time to get at you.  This video shows that most of these women can’t even hold the gun to fire one round, let alone two.  Is Joe Biden purposely misleading the American people?

We hear from democrats and some republicans, that the best way to keep our towns, counties, states safe from guns is to disarm law abiding citizens.  Then there are those that believe that we need to put more guns in the hands of citizens.  For example Representative Steve Stockman of Texas said:

  “(he) vow(s) that if he finds President Obama’s executive orders infringing upon the basic human rights of his constituents, he is “prepared to fight back with peaceable legislative force,” up to and including articles of impeachment, if absolutely necessary.”

As conservatives, we need to protect the constitutional right to bear arms.  This includes the second amendment. Women need to be prepared for the unexpected.  Yes, we can train in martial arts but not all women have the strength to fend a man off.  A reliable source of protection is a gun.  A government run study shows that women between the ages of 20-24 are the MOST likely age group for rape.  (see table 4).

Admittedly, the next study is older but it still proves the point that armed women are less likely to be attacked.  In Orlando Florida, they advertised Gun safety classes to women. They saw rapes dropped from 32% to 3% when women were armed with either a knife or a gun.

Young adults need to be aware of current events like this one, because it can directly affect us and our lives.     When our politicians don’t have any idea what the implications of the laws they make are, how can we trust them to make the laws?  Once those in power start to take away our fundamental,God given, inalienable rights, what is to stop them from taking them all away?  The question is will you protect yourself or wait and be a damsel in distress until the government saves you, if they can.


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