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{March 6, 2013}   Gun Control: The Debate (Part one)

The debate over gun control has been the focus of many news stories following the tragic shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary school.  It’s a highly controversial and polarizing topic, but I believe it is an important one to discus.  As young adults being able to make our own decisions, we should be informed.

Gun control is a broad topic, so I will be examining one aspect of it in this post.  In current news we have heard from many advocates from both sides of the debate, but maybe most notably from the department of homeland security, and the Vice President Joe Biden

January 31, 2013 the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) came out with a “survival guide” for times of crisis.  This guide features videos and pamphlets, even quizzes to help teach people on what to do in these situations.  It says things like try to hide, don’t make noise, make noise to try to distract the attacker, when all else fails, use a makeshift weapon; throw scissors, books etc. to try to hurt them.

Hmmm, I don’t know about anyone else, but I think that I would like to have my own weapon in order to defend myself.  It’s strange how we only hear about the murders that occurred with a gun and not prevented by guns.  Our society has grown accustomed to accusing guns of being bad or killing people when it is not the weapon that kills, it’s the person behind the weapon that ultimately kills.

The University of Colorado and the DHS have, in light of a new ban on guns on public universities, come out with steps for women to defend off an attacker.  In their report they suggest women getting to what they refer to as a call box.  These boxes are stationed all over campus and will connect them with help.  If getting to these boxes is not an option, the female should pee her pants to cause the attacker to be repulsed and leave.  If that doesn’t work, she should vomit on herself.

This poses a question.  Why should the victim be made to feel worse in this situation? Why should the victim worry about how her attacker views her?  Women are naturally weaker than men.  It’s how our bodies were created but that doesn’t mean we need to be made the victim with no defense.  Having a fire arm pointed at an attacker will cause him to run or at least protect the victim.

This leads me to Joe Biden.  He went on an online forum to talk about guns.  During this time he told women to buy a shotgun not an ar-15.


I would just like to point out that if you take a double barrel shot gun and fire two rounds into the air, you just used your two rounds and now need to reload giving your attacker time to get at you.  This video shows that most of these women can’t even hold the gun to fire one round, let alone two.  Is Joe Biden purposely misleading the American people?

We hear from democrats and some republicans, that the best way to keep our towns, counties, states safe from guns is to disarm law abiding citizens.  Then there are those that believe that we need to put more guns in the hands of citizens.  For example Representative Steve Stockman of Texas said:

  “(he) vow(s) that if he finds President Obama’s executive orders infringing upon the basic human rights of his constituents, he is “prepared to fight back with peaceable legislative force,” up to and including articles of impeachment, if absolutely necessary.”

As conservatives, we need to protect the constitutional right to bear arms.  This includes the second amendment. Women need to be prepared for the unexpected.  Yes, we can train in martial arts but not all women have the strength to fend a man off.  A reliable source of protection is a gun.  A government run study shows that women between the ages of 20-24 are the MOST likely age group for rape.  (see table 4).

Admittedly, the next study is older but it still proves the point that armed women are less likely to be attacked.  In Orlando Florida, they advertised Gun safety classes to women. They saw rapes dropped from 32% to 3% when women were armed with either a knife or a gun.

Young adults need to be aware of current events like this one, because it can directly affect us and our lives.     When our politicians don’t have any idea what the implications of the laws they make are, how can we trust them to make the laws?  Once those in power start to take away our fundamental,God given, inalienable rights, what is to stop them from taking them all away?  The question is will you protect yourself or wait and be a damsel in distress until the government saves you, if they can.



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