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{March 13, 2013}   The Sequester

Sequestration is a fancy word for forced spending cuts.  The Government proposed these cuts as part of the Budget Control Act of 2011. If we remember back that far, that was when our government was working on the debt ceiling compromise and created the super committee.  This committee was put in charge of finding 1.5 trillion in spending cuts over 10 years.  If that would have been done we would not be facing these cuts.

What brought about the need to have these cuts? 

As conservatives, we believe in a smaller, more condensed government.  We believe it is the community that should band together to help out the community, and that the government is not the answer to everything.  Democrats, for the most part, believe in a large government that is the answer to most problems.

These views have very different ideas of how to run government.  The conservatives want to cut government spending in all areas, and cut taxes.  Democrats want to increase taxes on everyone, especially the top earners, in order to fund a larger government.

Compromising does not come easy when both sides have so much at stake, so one thing leads to another and here we are with the sequester.

Now what?

The graph below shows the sequester cuts that will be occurring this year.  As we can see, most of the cuts are to defense.  Below the graph are the actual dollar amounts for each category.


$42.7 billion in defense cuts (a 7.9 percent cut).

$28.7 billion in domestic discretionary cuts (a 5.3 percent cut).

$9.9 billion in Medicare cuts (a 2 percent cut).

$4 billion in other mandatory cuts (a 5.8 percent cut to nondefense programs, and a 7.8 percent cut to mandatory defense programs).

But some say this is not enough.  Rand Paul (KY) says that these cuts are not even cuts; they are spending reductions in the coming years.

There are people in the media and in government that want us to believe that cutting spending will create chaos everywhere.  Conservatives think we need to do more cutting of spending and we can start by going through every Government program to eliminate the wasteful and redundant programs.   Paul Ryan had came out with a plan for reducing the deficit back in 2011 because he saw that our generation would be footing the bill for their generation’s entitlements.  Although that was a few years ago, it seems to be something to re-examine as we are now facing the debt crisis again. (A link to the comparison of Obama’s plan and Ryan’s plan can be found in the links tab.)

What happens if spending is not reduced?

Our entire U.S. debt is $16,687,088,900,988 and growing by the second.  This means if each citizen were to pay an equal share of the debt we each would owe $52,894.  Every citizen though, doesn’t pay taxes. Of  just the taxpayers, each person would owe $147,408.  That is a lot of money.  Our taxes are meant to be used to better our communities and pay for public employees, but if the debt is not brought under control, our taxes will mostly go to pay the debt.

Every citizen should be concerned for the future, but especially our generation as we graduate college and head off on our own.  We need to keep in mind that if we don’t speak up and let our legislators know that we want this spending spree to stop, and our deficit resolved, who will?



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