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{March 27, 2013}   Tuesday, April 2nd Election

Just when it feels like we have a break from elections here in Wisconsin, here they come again. As eligible voters in America, it is our responsibility to make sure we know the when, where, and who of elections.  We should remember that Americans all across this country and history have died to secure our right to vote and to honor them we should.

But it wouldn’t honor their memory to go to the polls unprepared, so let’s look at the upcoming race and who we, as conservatives, want to vote for.

Basically there are two state wide races, one for state supreme court and the other for state superintendent for public instruction.  These races will be on every ballot in every district and then also your specific district may have more elections.  You can find your sample ballot by going online to

For Supreme Court, the candidates are Pat Roggensack and Ed Fallone.  Conservatives want to vote for Pat Roggensack for a few reasons.  She has 17 years of experience as a judge.  In the Supreme Court they usually review cases referred to them by the court of appeals, which she also served on for 7 years.  She therefore has unique knowledge of the inner workings of that court and is more experienced in handling these cases.  Many sheriffs throughout the state as well as district attorneys, and city leaders, (both republican and democrat) endorse her re-election due to her record.  But why does this disqualify her opponent?

Ed Fallone has no experience as a judge.  Mr. Fallone has been a teacher of law, as well as a lawyer but not a judge.  To be elected to our state’s highest court, shouldn’t we have someone with a bit of experience as a judge? Also, Fallone signed the Walker recall petition, while his wife appeared in an advertisement for Walker’s opponent.  Now, Mr. Fallone certainly has the right to free speech just like every other American, but this proves he has a bias against Gov. Walker.  Therefore, he is ineligible to vote on any case involving the Governor because he is biased.  This does not make for a good fit to the Supreme Court because they are likely to hear cases endorsed by or written by Scott Walker.

 The next race on the state wide ballot is for superintendent for public instruction.  The two candidates in this race are Tony Evers and Don Pridemore.

 Pridemore has served on the state assembly since 2004.  While serving on this board he was on the education committee.  In this campaign, it has been largely about supporting or renouncing Act 10.  (Act 10 was a part of Scott Walkers Budget proposal.)  Pridemore endorsed the budget and as conservatives, we need a man who will vote for the financial good of the public without harming schools.  Our schools seem to be failing, especially our inner city schools.  Due to this fact Pridmore believes it is now time for a change, fresh ideas.

Evers has been on the state superintendent since 2009.  He had also signed the Walker Recall, but claims that he had Walker have gotten passed that fact and in fact can work together on improving schools.  This may be true, but that kind of bias does not just go away.  How well can Evers work with the governor with that hanging over their heads?

 Although, I have given an overview of the races, it is still important to learn more about the other races in your district and be prepared at the voting booth.  I know it feels like Wisconsin has been in constant campaign mode, and we kind of have been, but these races are important for the future of our state.  Get out and vote!



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