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{April 1, 2013}   Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration, or as it’s also known as undocumented workers, is a big issue in the united states right now.  Marco Rubio and other senators have been working on a bill to deal with this issue but according to him, there are still far away from a finished product.

There are many arguments about what we should do, for example liberals are for an open boarder policy.  That means that there would be no wait in line for a green card, just waltz in.  Conservatives want to keep America a sovereign nation, which means retaining exclusive rights to government and control by Americans.

Here are some pros and cons:

America has nearly 20 million illegal immigrants in our country.  This is an estimate because as soon as immigrants either get a green card they can petition the American government to bring their families over which raises the number of illegal immigrants.

There are millions of people waiting 10-12 years to get a visa to come to the U.S. and then there are those who just hop the boarders and come here.  If they are willing to break that law, what other laws are they willing to break? The people waiting patiently in line are the ones who America wants, because they for sure follow the rules.

Proponents for amnesty say that undocumented workers are working jobs that Americans, don’t or won’t work.  These jobs are landscaping, fast food etc.  But there are Americans putting in applications all over because they are out of work, and for sure they put their application into places like McDonald’s to just have a job.  Also, these are the jobs that young people work.  Young adults still in high school or college work their first job cutting lawns or taking orders, these jobs are now unavailable to them because they are taken by an illegal worker.

Illegals have come to our country and have cost each state a lot of money in hospital bills.  Hospitals are told by the government that they are not allowed to turn anyone away for being unable to pay or their citizen status.  So when illegals go to the hospital, their bill gets passed onto those who have insurance or to taxes to pick up the tab.  That makes Americans insurance bills go up when they are already astronomical.

Finally, illegal workers are given eligibility to almost every federal program like social security, welfare.  This is paid for by taxes that undocumented workers don’t pay.  And we wonder why we have such issues with our budget and overspending.

Conservatives believe in deportation of illegals, an issue of that is it is very expensive.  But a thought is if we make it impossible for them to stay here by taking away their ability to get jobs or housing they will choose to go home.  This would free up a lot of jobs, for our generation to hold while in college as well as reduce the deficit that we will eventually have to pay.  So now the plan is that we have to contact our legislators and voice our opinion! Get active!



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