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{April 8, 2013}   Young Adults and the Obama Economy

Young adults ages 18-college graduates overwhelmingly voted for Obama in his first election, and helped him to win a second term.  But the question is why they helped re-elect him when his policies have not helped them out.

The average unemployed for young adults is 13.6%, or 1 in 5 is unemployed.  This is the worst it has been for young people in a long time.

One of the reasons for this is a bad economy.  There are fewer and fewer jobs that are available.  Also, with the recent implementations of Obama care, jobs are now making everyone be part time so they don’t need to provide health insurance.  This is a problem for our age group because we need to be able to work over the summer to save up for school in the fall.

Another issue is that we are drowning in debt, whether from student loans or credit card debt.  And when we can find jobs we are earning a lot less than a few years ago.  In 2006 the median earnings was $22,312 where in 2011 it was $19,000

This is a major issue for Americans to face.  Our taxes are going up, food at the stores is more expensive, gas prices are worse and unemployment is up.  About 5.5 million Americans are out of unemployed or underemployed.  Yet we keep voting for more of the same policies and regulations.

This video explains a little more.

I believe that should scare our age group, and should make us want the government out of our pockets as well as our health care and our lives!

If this worries you for our future, get out there and contact your legislators.  Voice your opinion and let them know we are here and we are not going away!



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